Our mission at 521 promo is to design and manufacture the perfect product for your needs. We have several products that we specialize in including but not limited to, custom board games, custom dice, custom opoly games and custom card games.

We are not associated with Hasbro and are not able to produce a Custom Monopoly® Game, but we will be sure to satisfy you with our professional quality property trading games.

We have full templates available for all of our custom games. We also have an in house art department as well as several freelance artists to help assist in any level of design needed. We can not however use any imagery, text or design factors from the game Monopoly®.

The custom opoly games come standard with a custom box top, box bottom, board, tray insert, deed cards, game cards, condos & mansions, 2 dice, custom money and shrink wrap.

Custom Board Games BULK Min. ORDER ONLY 250

We now officially have the lowest min. bulk order for Custom Board Games in the US. With such a low min. order, we allow the customer to create the game of their dreams without breaking the bank. This is also helpful for play testing and PR testing before a larger order is placed.

LOOKING FOR JUST ONE GAME? We can do that too! We are the only company in the US that can produce a single complete custom opoly game.


As we stated earlier 521 Promo has a lot to offer. We try to be your one stop shop for all gaming needs. We have Custom Dice that range in shapes, sizes and all kinds of colors. We can imprint and engrave our dice. Please visit our dice section for more information on what can be done! And as usual please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Custom Card Games

Card games are roaring right now. So many new designers, creators and amazing games are coming out now more than ever! Fun is the very reason we love to do what we do and these Custom Card Games definitely provide more than enough fun. They range from galactic battles to super hero's to cute dolls and much more. We have had the pleasure of working with some great companies like Wyrd Miniatures, NSB Games, Black Tea Studio's, Sunshine Games and several others. We hope to keep flourishing in the card game arena and hope to be the main manufacture of these games for designers to come.


We have an entire fundraising program set in place to help you make the most money possible. Our program will help you along the journey of creating the perfect custom opoly game for your town or organization. As you sell the ads 521 Promo will work with you to make sure all of the artwork is of high quality and proofed and managed in a timely manner. If you are looking to make some serious profit and have FUN doing so, please check out our Town Fundraiser section.

521 Promo is not associated with Hasbro in any way or any other custom property trading or board game company. We can not create a Custom Monopoly® Game and can not use anything from the brand Monopoly®.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family! - 521 Promo

I received the game yesterday and it looks amazing! Thank you so much I will definitely use this company again! - Ali

WOW!!! Kelly!! The game came in the mail today - it is beyond stunning! It is going to make my mom SO thrilled - I cant WAIT to see her reaction! Such a pleasure working with you! I will definitely be recommending you/your company to everyone I know! - Michele

I work with Kelly from 521promo, who does everything from convention support materials, to custom opoly, to anything and everything with games/cards. She literally takes care of everything, and provides hassle free to-your-door service. One of the best I've found in the business. Can you tell I like working with her? - Eric